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Posted by: Rebecca Bazzoni 1 year ago

Evie has been receiving therapy at Joe’s for over a year now. She has done physical, and now occupational and speech therapies. She has grown leaps and bounds! Her therapists have helped her meet the developmental milestones she needed a little extra help reaching. She is the 4th daughter in our family and was born premature. She would not stand flat on her feet and couldn’t crawl or sit up, now she runs! She always overly chewed on things and wouldn’t touch different textures, now she plays in slime! She only said same syllable words like mama or dada and now she likes to sing “row, row, row, your boat”! She started off behind but with Joe’s Kids help, nothing can stop her! The atmosphere is so positive and welcoming, and even as a seasoned parent I have learned and grown as well. Thank you, Joe’s Kids!

Joe's Kids has been our saving grace. They have been right there with us 100% of the way.
Susie Owen's Mom