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What is Physical Therapy?

Treatment Focuses On

Developmental milestones
Posture and positioning
Tone management
Motor planning
Sensory processing

How do I know my child needs a physical therapy evaluation?

6 Months

  • Cannot push up onto straight arms when lying on tummy
  • Cannot sit independently for 30 seconds
  • Cannot roll over from tummy to back or back to tummy
  • Shows a strong preference toward one side of their body
  • Holds their head cocked or turned to one side

12 Months

  • Cannot crawl on hands and knees
  • Cannot rise from tummy or back to sit up on their own
  • Cannot pull to stand at furniture
  • Cannot take steps with hands held

18 Months

  • Cannot stand or walk independently
  • Cannot stoop to pick up toys from standing
  • Cannot rise to stand in the middle of the floor
  • Cannot climb up and down from low furniture

2 Years

  • Walks on toes or with toe in posture
  • Cannot walk up and down stairs with support (2 feet on each step)
  • Cannot run
  • Cannot throw a ball

3 Years

  • Cannot jump
  • Cannot balance on one foot for >3 seconds
  • Cannot walk up and down stairs placing one foot on each stair without support
  • Cannot pedal a tricycle

4-5 Years

  • Clumsier than their peers and may trip/fall frequently
  • Cannot gallop or skip
  • Cannot hop on one foot

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How do I know if my child needs physical therapy?

What are some of the diagnoses treated by your physical therapists?

How to Get Services

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