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Why Occupational Therapy?

Treatment Focuses On

Reflex integration
Bilateral coordination
Visual motor and visual perceptual skills
Sensory processing and regulation skills
Oral motor and feeding habits
Cognitive skills
Socialization skills
Self-care skills
Routines and Transitions

How do I know my child needs an occupational therapy evaluation?

6 Months

  • Cannot push up onto straight arms from tummy
  • Does not bring hands together or hands to mouth
  • Does not reach to grab for toys
  • Does not track moving objects

12 Months

  • Does not pick up things between thumb and pointer finger
  • Does not explore food textures with hands and mouth
  • Cannot drink from a cup with help
  • Will not put small items in a container (like a block in a cup)

18 Months

  • Does not point to show you things
  • Does not help with dressing by pushing arms through sleeve or lifting a foot
  • Does not play with toys
  • Does not try to use a spoon
  • Does not scribble with a crayon

2 Years

  • Is not able to hold something in one hand while using the other; for example, holding a container to take a lid off
  • Does not try to manipulate buttons, knobs or switches on a toy
  • Does not play with more than one toy at a time, like putting a baby doll into a toy stroller
  • Does not attempt to use a fork

3 Years

  • Cannot draw a circle when shown how
  • Is unable to use scissors
  • Cannot not string items like large beads or macaroni
  • Is unable to get undressed and does not attempt to dress without help

4-5 Years

  • Cannot draw a cross or square when shown how
  • Cannot trace or write name
  • Cannot zip a jacket
  • Is unable to dress independently
  • Uses an immature grip when drawing with a crayon

Any Age

  • Does not avoid touching hot objects when warned (like a stove)
  • Has an excessive need for intense movement (jumping, rocking, spinning)
  • Demonstrates excessive caution or fear of new experiences
  • Gets distressed with grooming (brushing teeth, combing hair)
  • Is overly sensitive to lights, sounds, touch and smells
  • Is bothered by food or clothing textures

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How do I know if my child needs occupational therapy?

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