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Why Speech Therapy?

Treatment Focuses On

Language development (receptive and expressive skills)
Articulation (intelligibility)
Oral motor strength/control
Social Skills
Receptive & Expressive Skills
Use Of AAC Devices

How do I know my child needs a speech therapy evaluation?

6 Months

  • Has difficulty feeding
  • Does not respond to familiar people
  • Does not coo or babble

12 Months

  • Does not call parent by “mama” or “dada” or another special name
  • Does not use gestures like: waving “bye-bye”, shaking head, reaching for up
  • Does not understand “no”
  • Does not look when you point

18 Months

  • Does not use at least 20 simple words
  • Does not imitate words
  • Cannot follow one step instructions (without gestures)
  • Does not look at a few pages of a book with you

2 Years

  • Uses more gestures than words
  • Does not say 2-3 words together
  • Is not able to point to body parts when you ask them
  • Is not able to point to things in a book when you ask them such as point to the dog”

3 Years

  • Does not carry a conversation with at least 2 back and forth exchanges
  • Does not ask questions like who, what, where or why
  • Does not use words like in, on or under
  • Is not able to name the action happening in a picture book like running, swinging, playing…
  • Does not answer yes or no questions
  • Is unable to tell you their name when asked
  • Is not able to be understood by most people
  • Cannot follow 2 steps directions

4-5 Years

  • Does not use sentences of at least 4-5 words
  • Does not carry a conversation with at least 3 back and forth exchanges
  • Does not try to repeat words from a song, story or nursery rhyme
  • Is not able to talk about at least one thing that happened during their day
  • Is not able to answer simple questions like “What is a crayon for?”
  • Is unable to tell a simple story
  • Is unable to answer simple questions about a book read to them
  • Has consistent trouble with certain speech sounds

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How do I know if my child needs speech therapy?

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