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Posted by: Rebecca Bazzoni 3 months ago

Before we started at Joe’s Kids, my son would not eat or try anything that was not one of 7 things. Any time we tried to encourage him to try new things, it would lead to severe anxiety with lots of tears. We dealt with this for 2 years thinking he would just grow out of it. When we were referred to Joe’s Kids, I was a bit hesitant because I didn’t think anything would work to help him with eating and his anxiety around doing that; however, I was very wrong. My son absolutely loves Hannah and she has done wonders for him even after just a few appointments. He is open to trying new foods and even will talk about new foods. He even licked a sucker for the first time without having to even ask him to do it! He now looks forward to going to his appointment every week. I couldn’t be a bigger supporter of Joe’s Kids and everything they do to help little ones like mine.

Written by Jodie Warner, Greyson’s mom

Joe's Kids has been our saving grace. They have been right there with us 100% of the way.
Susie Owen's Mom